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Work of the Soul

Find Your Spiritual Link with Spirit Guide Connection

Most people I meet feel strong connections in their lives.  Some feel that connection to an animal, others feel drawn to an ancestor, a spirit of nature, or even a divine being.  I can help you find your connection through directed rituals, meditations, and practice with interaction.  Many great cultures on our planet have had these spirit partnerships as a cornerstone to a person's existence.  Through study with Native American tribes, ancient texts, and modern beliefs, I have developed my own system to help others find their spirit companions.

Out of all the services I offer, Spirit Guide Connection can be the hardest and most exposing.  Often times, it may take multiple sessions of conversation, meditation, and connection rituals in order to begin the process of accepting and creating a relationship with your spirit guide.  I took part in a Native American ritual many years ago to connect with my own spirit guide, and it still takes effort and focus for me to maintain that connection.  That said, I wouldn't trade the relationship I've developed with them for anything in the world.  In trying and difficult times, they have been a consistent support system, and have helped me see my way clear in moments of grief, frustration, and pain.  There is no greater joy than helping another person create their partnership, and advising them on how to continue this livelong work of the soul.

Spirit Guide Connection can be done by people of any faith, scientific understanding, or cultural upbringing.  I know many folks have strong connections with their existing spiritual and religious practices, and I am happy to work within anyone's dedicated personal belief systems.  I understand that this kind of work can be difficult, intense, and hard to understand, so if you have any questions about spirit guide connection, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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