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Chris would love to help you with any of the following offerings:
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Tarot Readings

Life is full of questions; let's explore them together with a tarot reading!  No matter what you're asking about, we can discover your heart's true desires with tarot.


Sometimes we all get overwhelmed by this crazy, busy world of ours. Through guided meditation, I can help you slow down and get in touch with your true self.



Spirit Guide Connection

Want to deepen your spiritual connection?  I can help you find, and stay in tune with your spirit partner.



Soul Poetry

We all need to express ourselves emotionally, but it's often hard to find the time.  Together, we can delve into your artistic expression, your soul poetry!



Energy Cleansing

Life can sometimes pile on so much negativity, that it can build up in our homes and hearts.  An Energy Cleansing can clear out that built up energy, and make your soul and home feel refreshed.

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