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Tarot Readings for Answers to Life's Big Questions

Have you had a Tarot reading before?  If so, getting a Tarot reading from me might feel a bit different.  Some tarot readers play an entertaining guessing game and don't actually invest the time and energy it takes to find the real answers their clients are looking for.  I don't do that.  I'm here to give you the overall meanings of the cards in your reading. Then, we'll work together to explore their personal connotations for you, and how they respond to your questions.  Each card has a different meaning for every person who chooses it.  And don't worry, you can share as much or as little personal information with me as you're comfortable with!

Common Readings

Here are examples of some of the most popular tarot card spreads that I offer:

The Overview - Also known as the New Year's Reading, this 5-card spread gives you an overview of how your life is at the moment, and how it's likely to develop if left unchanged.  This is a great reading for someone who just can't come up with a concrete question they'd like answered, or needs general information about their overall life.

The Past/Present/Future Reading - This is a 3-card reflection of a situation you'd like more information about.  It can tell you what influenced you to get you where you are, what the reality of the situation is, and how it will develop if left unchanged.

The Options Reading - Trying to choose between multiple paths in life?  The Options Reading is for you!  We will put down a card for each option and explore the meanings each gives us.

The Relationship Reading - This solo reading gives you great insight about how you are effected by a relationship, and how you are affecting the other party.  Keep in mind this can be a relationship with a job, pet, situation, emotion, or a person.

The Elemental Reading - This 6-card reading offers you information about how you are being effected by a specific situation or life event.  It can give you deeper understanding of your physical, emotional, and mental reactions to a particular stimulus and help you find a way forward.

The Chakra Reading - This is a complete overview of self.  This 8-card spread follows the 8 chakras to give you deep awareness into your own world view, your reactions to various situations, and how to grow towards the version of self that you desire.

Keep in mind that any of these spreads can be adjusted to be inclusive of couple readings, no matter if that couple is romantically involved or not.  I am happy to do readings (and all of my services) for people of all gender identities, religious affiliations, political backgrounds,  and relationship types.

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