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But What if I'm Not a Writer?

Express Tough Emotions with Soul Poetry

We all have feelings that are hard to express.  Sometimes it's just too hard to talk about how our emotions are effecting our day to day lives.  Luckily, humans have created art for just this reason.  Art allows us to release our hearts onto the canvas of the world.  And yet, art doesn't come naturally for many of us.  We judge the results before we have even begun to try.  This is when Soul Poetry can be a big help.  Let me help you work past the roadblocks to your soul's expression.

Don't worry, not all Soul Poetry is writing.  While poetry is typically a literary form of expression, I ask you this:  Why does it need to be?  Pictures with paint, pencils, crayons, or charcoal can tell the tale of your heart just as well as words.  Dance, music, gardening, or building sculpture can help us emotionally release too.  Together, we'll find the art form that moves your heart and develop a way for you to express those pesky, lingering feelings.  

While this practice is great to do on its own, I have found it pairs very well with a tarot reading or a meditation.  When we have committed to exploring our lives, questions, and feelings through tarot or meditation, we've already begun the work of putting aside self-judgment. This self-judgment is often the biggest obstacle to finding or creating our soul poetry.  If you feel like a pairing might be right for you, be sure to book a paired session when you are choosing your booking.

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