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Find Peace Within Yourself through Meditation

It can be hard to find peace of mind in this crazy, fast-paced world.  Technology interrupts us constantly, there is always a long to-do list, and even our own minds don't let us escape from our worries and fears.  There is never a bad time to take a moment to relax and find peace within yourself.  That said, even folks who have meditated for years can find it hard to keep a regular meditation practice with everything we have on our plates these days.  Let me help guide you, and help you experience the clarity and peace of mind we all desire.

Types of Meditations I Offer

Mindfulness Meditation - This very popular type of meditation helps us focus on the present moment and lets us see the world around us without judgement.  Living mindfully can help reduce stress and help us appreciate the world as it truly is.

Guided Visualization Meditation - Guided Visualization Meditation lets us explore an idea or feeling more deeply, or just visit a place in our minds where we can feel completely relaxed.  This is a popular choice to pair with a tarot reading or with a soul poetry project.

Body Scan Meditation - Great for relaxation and being more in touch with our physical beings, a body scan lets us interact with each part of ourselves, and release any stress, pain, or tension that has built up over time.

Breathing Mediation - Feel unsettled, uneasy, or just unsure?  Breathing meditation can focus the mind on a single task, allowing us to ease into a directed routine.  Deceptively simple, breathing meditations can help create patterns and healthier habits in moments of inner turmoil.

Walking Meditation - The idea the you have to be still to meditate is just untrue.  Stretching, movement, and interaction is often just what we need to relax and enjoy our sense of connection to the world around us.

Inner Child Meditation - Each of us has many voices inside the one.  Some are loud and demanding, while others are shy and reserved.  Our inner child is often overshadowed by more vivacious and expressive voices, but it's of vital importance.  Our inner child lets us understand our feelings and desires more fully.  This meditation can help you explore these spiritual needs.

Meditation for Kids - I have been lucky enough to have been meditating since I was a child.  I'd be thrilled to share my knowledge and experience to help your kids feel calm, safe, and happier with themselves.  These kid focused guided meditations works well for everything from sleep issues to emotional communication.  I'm happy to work with kids 5 and up with parents or guardians present.  This also can work great for school or friend groups.

Personalized Meditation Recordings - Want to focus on a specific issue that's troubling you?  I offer personalized meditation recordings!  Just fill out the questionnaire, and I send you a custom meditation recording to help you focus on your concerns and/or needs.  This service works great on it's own or in tandem with meditation sessions so you can continue the work we start together.

Most of these meditation sessions are great for one-on-one sessions or groups.  Many will even work online.  I am always happy to set up online sessions with you through Zoom or any other online platform that works for you.  

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