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Saging and Smudging for a Clear Heart and Home

Are you feeling weighed down with the struggles of life?  Does your home feel stale or cooped up?  Saging, also sometimes called smudging, is a great way to release negative energy from a body, home, office, and even a car.  We all hold on to a lot of pain, stress, and tension, and these feelings can permeate the rest of your life.  Saging helps release built-up negativity, and can make you and your surroundings feel bright and new again.  And don't worry if you are allergic to sage or dislike the smell; there are other materials that I can use such as evergreen branches, lavender twigs, and Salo Panto wood that work just as well as the standard sage sticks!

Common Saging Choices

Your Person - There are lots of reasons that you might want to have your body saged.  Common reasons include a physical injury, a relationship change, periods of emotional difficulties, and moments of tough decision-making.

Your Home - The most common saging that I do is of people's homes.  While saging a house can be used like an annual spring cleaning, it's often done when the building has been the site of a big life changes, such as the loss of a loved one or when a child moves away from home.

Your Family and Friends - A group smudging can be a great way of opening up and releasing old baggage from those relationships that you didn't even know you were holding onto.  It can also make those who are uncertain about the process become willing to give it a try.  

Other common saging choices include vehicles, gathering areas like porches or gazebos, offices or places of business, or even beloved pets!

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