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Chris Burgan –Tarot Reader & Full Heart Wellness Guide


Thanks for checking out my offerings!  I am a tarot reader, meditation guide, and spirit companion seeker.  I'd like nothing more than to help you find your heart's true path.

I understand that you may have reservations about these kinds of services.  Rest assured that my approach is honest and credible. I'm not psychic and I don't have a sixth sense.  I am simply here to help you find answers to life's big questions.  I can offer you personalized guidance through tarot, focus and peace through meditation, or help you explore your greater connection to the universe through your spirit guide.

I look forward to helping you find the direction you seek.  Interested in hearing more?  Check out the rest of my website, or contact me with questions using the link above.

Find out how my services can help you with your covid stress.

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Sessions are often personal and sometimes emotional. Please contact me with questions or concerns.

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